Crescent Cymbals is proud and excited to be endorsed by a growing number of drumming talent in Finland and Sweden.

Joni Martiskainen

24-year-old drummer from Espoo playing in Hey Heather and Dylan. Favourite Impression series: Rock and Traditional.

Ice cream, energetic playing style and playing hard are the things that I love. Impression Cymbals are just perfect for me.

Joni also endorses Regal Tip.


Antti Rantavuo

Antti Rantavuo, a 25-year old drummer from Kotka, has been playing drums since he was 13. You can hear Antti punishing his kit in hard rock band Bailout and melodic metal act Crimson Sun.

I fell in love with the Mixed series the first time I tried them. My 21 inch ride has the controlled sound with a killer bell, and the hi-hats work perfectly from rock to metal. I couldn’t be more happy with these cymbals.

Antti also endorses Balbex Drumsticks.


Teppo Ristola

A 27 years old drummer from Lahti, Teppo started playing at 15. Having played in multiple bands in different genres he is nowadays mostly know from old school death metal act Mörbid Vomit. In addition, he plays in Helsinki-based Paara and lots of various studio/live sessions.

In my playing I try to follow the advice of late Tonmi Lillman: hit that b***** drum, and less is more!

Teppo also endorses Balbex Drumsticks and Cosmic Ears.


Markus Wirth

Drummer and percussionist Markus Wirth is known for his strong and grooving backbeats as well as his ability to adapt and perform in different genres and worlds of sound. Tuning his drums and percussion gear to perfection in sound and feel – Markus enjoys the Haptic series on percussion, versus a dark sounding mixture of Stanton Moore signatures and Primal series discs on his kit.

Markus also endorses Balbex Drumsticks.



Antti Halonen

Antti is a 19-year-old drummer from Mikkeli. He started playing in 2004 with a great enthusiasm, and the eager has been growing ever since. It is the “grooviness” that Antti tries to go for. His favorite cymbal is Impression 14″ dark light hi-hat, which he describes as warm-sounding and dynamic; a perfect addition to his kit.

Currently you can hear Antti’s playing in his metal band Damion.


Tero HeinonenTero Heinonen

Tero is an actively touring and recording hardcore drummer from Pori, Finland. He currently plays in No Second Thought (Finland) and Cold Existence (Las Vegas, USA).




Tommi Lalli

Tommi Lalli is a drum artist from Oulu, Finland, best known as the drummer of the violent pop group Blind Channel. 18-year-old Lalli started drumming when he was 8 years old and is mostly self-taught, although he’s had drumming lessons in Oulu Music School. Lalli has been a crucial factor in Blind Channel since the very beginning and he’s often referred as the band’s backbone.



Sami Mäntylä

Born 1990 and having played in bands since 9 years old, Sami currently blasts away with death metal acts Assemble The Chariots and Trakooma.

Even though I mostly play heavier stuff featuring lots of blast beats, I always try to keep the groove in the center of things and leave robotic execution to others.


Aleksi Paasonen

I am Aleksi Paasonen (born in 1993) and I started playing drums in the music classes during elementary school when I was 11 years old. Since then there have always been some band activity. In addition I have studied playing drums in the St. Michel Academy of Music for five years.

Currently you can hear Aleksi’s playing in his metal/hardcore outfit Purified.