Impression Cymbals is proud and excited to be endorsed by a growing number of drumming talent in Finland and Sweden.

Rainer “Raikku” Tuomikanto

Mostly known of his innovative approach to drumming, combining elements of bombastic groove, hard-hitting solid beats and lightning fast execution with energetic live performances. Raikku is a well experienced session musician in live and studio environments, and he also keeps drum classes in his spare time. His current acts include Causemos, Clockwork Spirit, Kiuas and Shining.

Raikku also endorses Pearl Drums and Balbex Drumsticks.

Arttu Anttila

Born 1991, Arttu is your prototypical new breed of metal drummer; dedicated to hone and perfect his craft to a tee and committed to 100% execution no matter what. Currently he keeps busy playing melodic death metal with Enthrone the Unborn.

Touring and playing live with the band – nothing beats that feeling.

Arttu also endorses R Stick.

Niko Hyttinen

Niko is a compact dude with a high energy level and big passion about drumming. Hard hitting with good timing and groove. Live performance is his natural spot and he is a veritable animal behind the kit: lots of energy, stick spinning, stick flips, moshing and making faces while playing. Niko is the current drummer of screamo/metalcore band One Morning Left, industrial-punk band Cold Cold Ground and drum DJ crew Kunt & Hyttinen Drum Inc, while also doing studio session work.

Niko also endorses Regal Tip.

Jannis K.

A Greek born in Athens relocated to Finland, Jannis K. has thirteen year history recording and playing heavy metal in both countries. His current kits get abuse with death metal group Hatetrend and heavy rock act Naked Idol.

Jannis also endorses Cuts & Stitches Clothing.

Ville Miinala

Born 1988 in Kemi, Ville’s been playing since the age of six and has featured in numerous bands and occasional sessions. Currently he’s working with Mors Subita, Vortech, and Pigmill.

I think I’m mostly known from my very diverse playing style. I really like to mix things up and explore the infinite possibilities of my instrument. Was it an extensive double bass kit or a tiny jazz kit, I feel comfortable sitting behind them. I think the cymbals should also resemble the person who is playing them, and Impression in my humble opinion accomplishes in this task superbly.

Ville also endorses AMB Drums.

Antti Ojala

Antti lives in Sweden and has been playing drums for almost 30 years. Through the years he’s been playing in a lot of constellations and many different genres and been studying music at universities in Sweden and Denmark. While mostly playing jazz he also does freelance jobs in any genre. Some of the bands Antti regularly plays with are SE-quartet, Daniel Nolgårds trio, Södra Åkeriet, Caroline Eriksson Band, Imse, and F.A.N.

I use Impression Dry Jazz series most of the times and I just love them!

Antti also endorses Balbex Drumsticks.

Eetu Pesu

An open-minded, multifaceted and, most importantly, heavy hitting drummer and percussionist, Eetu plies his trade both with his current bands Julian Rock, Rage My Bitch and Anam Cara, and as a session drummer for various touring artists.

Eetu also endorses Balbex Drumsticks and Evans Drumheads.

Eemeli Rimpiläinen

Eemeli is an actively gigging drummer with aggressive and driving style of play, highlighted by his live session works and current displays of note in New Deadline and Action Man League.

Eemeli also endorses DR Customs and Custom Sticks.

Pasi Viinamäki

An active drummer since 1995, Pasi Viinamäki has played hundreds of gigs and sold over 50,000 albums alongside strong airplay with Tyrävyö, Snipe Drive, and Eero ja Eksyneet. In addition to his drumming duties he acts as a studio Manager for HappyBoys Studio.

Pasi also endorses Yamaha Drums and Aquarian Heads.

Oskari Viljanen

Possessing a breathtaking amount of percussive elements in his kit, stacked and loaded, Oskari regularly plays a variety of session assignments and holds a steady gig pacing the metallic grooves of Amoth and Taste of Haste.

Oskari also endorses Balbex Drumsticks.

Antti Alvasto

Antti, born in 1988, is versatile drummer, who currently plays gigs in many different bands and styles including jazz, funk, pop/rock, folk and rock n’ roll, and hosts jam sessions. He has worked also as a band leader on productions combining musicians and dancers and works as a drum teacher in the Kuopio area.

Juuso Backman

Juuso, born in 1980, has his roots in metal, but is versatile in style. Cooperation with bass and playing with groove – even in metal – is king, and he likes to bring character to songs by accentuating guitar and vocal licks with cymbals. Easy on the cymbals and articulate on the skins, he has previously played with death and thrash metal acts Thales, All Dreams Dying, and Swath, and is currently the drummer of Throes of Dawn.

I play the cymbals with a somewhat light touch, and from the Impression/Crescent repertoire I found the perfect ones for my style: fast attack even with a light touch, and a suitably quick decay. Perfect.

Mette Erikkilä

Mette likes it dirty, dark and dry. That is when talking about drums and especially cymbals. Since she started playing in the mid 90’s, it’s been clear that grooving and improvising is her main asset when thinking about band play and writing songs. The main requirement for her with drums and cymbals are great attack, short sustain, dirty but crisp tone and a good control over sound in general.

Currently you can hear Mette’s playing for example in Lifeline Lost and Cpt. Kronos.

Jukka Hiltunen

Drummer for the legendary Shitter Limited, Woofing Lama, and Black Royal.



Aki Kannisto

Born 1982, the year synonymous with hardcore punk, Aki is best known for his intensive, laying it all on the line drumming with various seminal groups of the genre. His former acts include, for example, Kohu-63, while his playing can be currently witnessed when he is touring the various corners of the world with Neuroottiset pelimannit, Petturin palkka, Projekti-15, and the legendary Terveet kädet.

Antti Kesseli

Antti Kesseli is a 28-year old drummer from Hämeenlinna, Finland. Drumming has been a part of his life since childhood and through this musical journey he has been in several bands in various genres but nowadays he is very passionate about modern metal.

You can hear Antti’s drumming and catch him playing live with the melodic deathcore band What Awaits Us.

Tommi Kuntsi

Born 1992, Tommi has so far played everything from pop and blues to metal and is currently actively widening his horizons in Kymen Konservatorio. His main act is the rock band Sinus.

What I like about Impression Cymbals is their musicality, versatility, and the endless customization possibilities. I love dark and smooth cymbal sound so it’s not a surprise that Smooth series is my favorite, but I have easily found perfect tools for every style I play…

Tomi Louhesto

Tomi has been playing drums since 2002, everything between weddings and hardcore metal shows. Currently you can check him out with Humanation, Decibel Hammer, and Frontline Vessel.

To describe me as a drummer, I am aiming to be as versatile as possible, but the truth is that I love playing with big groove (like John Bonham, Vinnie Paul or Mario Duplantier etc), so there’s some reasons why you don’t see me jamming jazz quite often. Thought I love and appreciate every style of music, I think being a loud drummer is my thing. Groovin’ it with ATTITUDE!

Miska Nipuli

Miska is a young drummer talent from Heinola. A multi-discipline freelance from jazz to rock to evergreens, Miska also plays in Heinola Big Band and Unplugged Leaves.

My undisputed favorites are Traditional and Mixed series, as they offer the appropriate sound for almost every situation just by changing your playing technique. In addition I cherish the unique prototypes such as the Black Jazz ride I have in my arsenal.

Henrikki Norontaus

Hard hitting drummer of the Finnish hardcore act The Reality Show.

Atte Pesonen

Atte is a 21-year old drummer from Lahti who started playing drums over ten years ago, getting his first drum kit when he was nine. Later he has studied percussion in Riihimäki Music Institute and at Lahti Conservatory. You can check Atte’s playing in Finnish metal band Inho and on his Youtube channel.

Musicality and endless possibilities to get different sounds – this is what I’m looking for in cymbals and Crescent has got it all. I consider myself a drummer with precision, sense for complexity and versatility owing to my classical background.

Joonas Pyhtilä

Joonas, born 1983 in Helsinki, became infected with the drumming syndrome at age 16 and has been addicted to rhythm ever since. He is the drummer for Wankers of the Zoo Crew, Bullet Control, The Music of Erich Zann, and Made In Pohjola and whenever there is a silent period in band activity, he’s probably feeding his addiction by planning, rehearsing, shooting or editing a new drum video for his Youtube channel.

Tapani Rankio

Tapani has been hitting the drums hard since 2000. From the very start, his playing has been a chaotic marriage of love and violence in the midst of drum kits everyone larger than previous and ever-mounting heaps of broken sticks.

Currently you can hear Tapani play in industrial metal outfit Vaindustry

Joel Saikkonen

Joel Saikkonen, born 1993, has been aggressively playing the drums since he was ten. With his current main gig in teen sensation Robin‘s band he’s toured pretty much all stadiums and ice halls in Finland, and the train does not show any signs of slowing down. In addition, he plays progressive pop with Mowgli.

I’ve had Impression as my chosen weapon on each and every gig, and I’ve not even once thought of anything else since running into them.

Joel Siirtola

Joel Siirtola got his first drum set as a three year old, and his future was set. These days the Heinola-based drummer and connoisseur or rather humongous cymbals is best known for his role in the extravagant prog-rock group Mother.

I love my 24″ custom ride.

Emil Stenbäck

Emil hails from Lahti and plays in an emerging punk rock band Part Time Killer and in a hardcore band called Lakes.

I’ve played drums since 1995 with different styles of cymbals and it was love at first hearing when I lost my Impression Cymbals -virginity. I consider myself a punk rock drummer with a simple but tight playing style.

Jussi Vikman

Jussi, born 1988, is a versatile professional whether the gig is with classical percussion, marching band, or behind the kit playing anything from jazz to heavy metal to schlagers. He teaches percussion and drumming, and plays, for example, in
Seinäjoki City Orchestra and Finnish Air Force Big Band.

As a player I am diverse and energetic and, most of all, creative.